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Sing a Song

Mare[1] Anguis Park[2] is silent in the darkTemplate:Fact.
All those cosmic[3] rays are pouring down
Someone dropped the[4] cake in Regolith
Do not think that I'll forget it
'Cause[5] it took so long to get it
And they'll never ship[6] to here from Earth again!


  1. A mare is a female equinine
  2. Park is a transmission setting
  3. Cosmic refers to something of universal significance
  4. This article doesn't have a gender. You can improve Spacepedia by replacing it with Die, Das, or Der.
  5. a cause is a motive for action, such as Antidisestablishmentarianism
  6. A vessel, such as an aircraft carrier or oil tanker
  7. Hydroxide is a diatomic ion